Friday, January 15, 2010

bloggin' time 1 : heat maps

i'm working on an identity for a client at work. i've already finished their logo and was working on a letterhead system for them. during my early phases i came up with some pretty nice ideas but they still needed some tweaking. my boss looked over my designs and started talking about heat maps. he mentioned to me that even though heat maps are mainly used for web use, they can be easily worked into print material as well. he told me to look at my work and view it as a heat map. see what is important and fix my work based on this "heat map." i started looking up heat maps, something i've never done before and found it quite interesting. a program is set up and a heat index shows what is most important on the site by sight. i looked at my letterhead system as if i was the heat map and saw what was important and least important. try it out sometime. no matter what a program may be used for can be beneficial in other ways as well.

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