Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bloggin' Time : Dos

I've always been interested in mid-century modernism. I guess you can say if I had the opportunity, I would love to fly into a time machine and go back to that era. Well, while looking at a modernist website, I somehow came across Dyson's bladeless fan. What?! A bladeless fan? I really don't know how long this has been out. Maybe I'm out of the loop and this has been out for awhile, but this is new to me. I am personally finding it hard to explain how this works exactly, which is why I posted a link to their website. Basically, airflow is amplified through an airfoil-shaped ramp to create a very smooth air current. A fan leaves ripples because of its cage while the Dyson fan brings out a smooth, cylindrical air current.
I chose to write about this product because of its design, plus a bladeless fan?! This fan, like many of Dyson's works are designed beautifully. Enjoy!

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